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It may sound biased, but I seriously think that our wedding video is the best wedding video I've ever seen! Biased or not, that's how every bride should feel about her wedding video. There are so many things a bride and groom have to worry about on their wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the videographer is getting all the shots you want. There were so many details at our outdoor DIY wedding. 


I just love how Cedar Box made sure that all of the important shots of my family and friends were being taken and still managed to capture the ambience of our day. It was really important to me that the intimate moments I would not be able to witness as a busy bride were captured so that I could enjoy them later. Cedar Box went above and beyond what I was hoping for.


I am so happy I have this video to remind me of all the love that was shared with me on that special day. I have watched it like literally 107 times. 108 after writing this testimonial.


- Isaac & Elaine 2015

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We are SO happy that our friend recommended Jacob (Cedar Box) to us. We not only loved the videos on his page but we quickly learned that Jacob is a fantastic person and incredibly wonderful to work with! Jacob is the type of guy that you want around on your wedding day. He is encouraging, fun and for me he was a de-stresser.


The moments that Jacob captured in our video were perfect. He made the video display how special the day was to us. Every moment he captured was perfect. We were/are speechless every time we watch our wedding video. He has a gift! We would/and will recommend Cedar Box to every engaged couple we know. Send him a message and see for yourself!


 - Michaela & Ethan 2016

It was just by chance that I came across Cedar Box, I don't know how to explain it but my gut just knew we had to have them be our videographers for our wedding. Jacob was so polite and nice, was more than willing to answer all questions when asked. I love the fact that when he got there he did his own thing, we greeted in the Bridal room and he was able to capture and few shots inside and he ventured around capturing the magic he did. 

I love how creative he was, and without any instructions from me he was able to create the most beautiful video. I couldn't wait to see the video and we were able to receive a sneak peek before it was made public. I loved having him as our videographer that I have recommended Jacob from Cedar Box to so many different people including my in-laws who have now hired him for my husband's Grandmother's Birthday Bash. I will continue to recommend Jacob and Cedar Box as he went over and beyond and helped capture our wedding for life. Something that we can go back and watch over and over again for the rest of our life.

                                                                                                     - Taylor & James 2016

If you're reading this right now and you are in need of a videographer, you are a very lucky person. When I first saw a video by Cedar Box, I was blown away. I had to know who made the film and all of a sudden I was reconsidering my decision not to hire a professional videographer for our wedding. I then found out that Cedarbox was run by a man named Jacob, the then fiancé (now husband) of an amazing person whom I call my friend. His work spoke for itself without the bias of knowing Jacob was loved by a friend. However, Jacob's kind and gentle personality will make you feel at home while working with him, as though you hired your good friend. 

Working with Jacob is effortless. He blended in yet caught each shot masterfully while we enjoyed the incredible moments of our day. He was flexible, considerate, and insightful. He was always prepared and proactive in the planning process prior to the wedding and during the day he made sure he captured the things that were important to us. He came out at times to suggest amazing shots and work collaboratively with us, but also demonstrated clear talent in balancing stepping back to let us enjoy wonderful private moments too. I genuinely adored having Jacob as our videographer because he was so easy to work with, fun, and obviously skilled and confident in his craft. 

I knew he was good, but when the video came out... I didn't know he was that good. I find it difficult to describe in words how amazed I was that Jacob managed to capture perfectly the joy we felt with each other along with our friends and family that day. But he did. He chose an emotive, beautiful song and crafted each second of the video so carefully, wonderfully, and creatively that you knew he paid attention to every single detail to get it right. I could watch it on loop and still be overwhelmed by the amount of touching moments he managed to cram into 5 minutes and notice a different new detail each time. I guess it's expected that as the bride of course I cried while watching this video, but I have been told that even random co-workers of my mother-in-law managed to get a little weepy while watching the video. I have also had countless people ask me for the name of the song that Jacob skilfully chose. Jacob knows how to capture feeling, meaning, and memories in a beautiful, skillful way and we are so thankful to have worked with him and for the video he created.

P.S. I count myself fortunate that I managed to snag him for my wedding before he will inevitably become a famous videographer that would be too difficult to book! 

                                                                                                   - Meghan & Scott 2015

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